Attention Big Eye Big Headed Man Big Nose Bon Fire Reunion Butterfly Amongst Flowers Dear In The Headlights Disco Fro Doorway Earth and Space Experiment Imploding World Lovestruck Bunny Reboot Night-time Bush Fire The Flow The Keyboardist The Pan-man And His Melody The Watcher Underbite and Hand Signal Who Me Worship of the False Idol Angry World Anxiety Brain Brezlin, The Alien Pirate Confusion Death By Fire Detour Face Flexible Bastard Galaxy Going Home Hands That Feed Hello Imprisoned In Paradise Jumbie In D Fire Rasta Man Playing Drum Man With Cap Melee Old Liar Vomit Rabble Rat With Hat Roses Sailing On A Rainbow Sinners Luck Socks The Happy Man The Painter The Pianist The Touch The Trip The Unseen Three Burning Heads On A Sled