About Joel Lijertwood

For the young artist liminality is not just to be expected, it is essential. Joel Lijertwood is an emerging expressionist with no formal training which perhaps gives him the freedom to continue the development of his own startling sense of form and colour.

Joel Lijertwood’s work reflects an artist on a journey of self-discovery. It is at once exciting and disturbing. If art is statement, then his is loud and clear in his messages. Here the optimism of youth meets the distrust of authority. Always a sense of humour, even when it plunges into dark and strange corners. In fact these paintings have what can only be described as a wonderfully refreshing sense of comic timing, causing the characters he paints to manifest themselves in more than two dimensions.

"Thinking is part of everyday life for us all so I keep telling myself that I would not think while painting, inevitably it happens, I just try to hold on for the ride."

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